My First Six Novels

I began writing about twelve years ago when a friend, who was writing while convalescing, got me hooked. I love creating my own worlds and populating them with imperfect characters with whom I fall in love. They take me to places I thought I would never go and make me experience things I’d otherwise not experience. They live, love, cry, laugh, hope, and dream. These are the novels, the stories, they bring alive.

The Silence of the Stones is a psychological thriller set in West Wales, where I live. Alana, like me, is an artist. She is left a cottage in West Wales by an aunt she didn’t know existed and, despite her parents pleas, she grabs the chance of a new start in Coed-y-Cwm. Little does she know she is catapulting herself into a thirty-year-old conspiracy of silence over the disappearance of two toddlers that will change her life forever. Strange runes, seen on ancient stones, begin appearing on her door and people start to die. Accident or murder? Can she unravel the secret hidden in the stones and save those she loves in time?

The Silence of the Stones is available in paperback or e-book at

Touching the Wire is set partly in Auschwitz, in 1944/5, and partly in England in 1970s and the present day. Miriam, a Jewish nurse, steps down from a cattle wagon into the heart of a young doctor. As their relationship blossoms, they fight to save lives, joining the camp resistence and risking life daily. The doctor smuggles out a secret diary and evidence of war crimes at liberation, but he and Miriam are separated, and Miriam is left behind, seriously ill with scarlet fever, while the doctor is forced onto the March of Death through Poland’s bitter winter. Can the young doctor find his way back to her in time? Post war, the doctor is tormented by the guilt of a promise not kept and a secret hidden to protect his new family. It is his granddaughter, 70 years later, who must attempt to discover the truth of her grandfather’s past and keep his promise to his lost love.

Touching the Wire is available in paperback or e-book at

Where Hope Dares is set loosely in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and not in our time. In a time of social, religious, and political upheaval, two isolated cultures clash with devastating results. Kiya, a young healer, is kidnapped to fulfil an ancient prophecy and is taken north over the mountains. Her storyteller husband, Raphel, sets out on a thousand-mile journey to rescue her from a brutal, warmongering regime with only hope and a headful of stories to aid him. Their friend Abe, an enigmatic peddler to whom they look for help, has his own secret agenda, a prime directive decreed by a long-dead pope. Who can Kiya and Raphel trust – friend or foe?

Where Hope Dares is available at

An historical series, FOR THEIR COUNTRY’S GOOD’, a tale of convict exile to Van Diemen’s Land in 1841 is now available at

One illicit kiss sees Ella sent away to live under the care of Reverend Buchanan in Yardley Hastings, Northamptonshire. Falling for Jem, one of the village ‘bad lads’ proves disastrous as the reverend has arranged her marriage to Harry, a farmer’s son of good standing. But true love has a habit of overcoming sense, and Ella becomes pregnant by Jem. When Jem, in a moment of heated rage, kills a gamekeeper and is transported for life to Van Diemen’s Land, Ella’s life can’t get much worse. Or can it? Readers of my previous novels will know the answer to that question.

My work in Progress?

The Dandelion Clock. – a tale of a young couple torn apart and changed by the Great War. Coming November 2018.

4 thoughts on “My First Six Novels

    1. Yes, it’s true. I think a lot of writers fall into writing almost by mistake. Take Tolkein – he wrote The Hobbit for his children and the story grew as his children did. I certainly had no intention of becoming a writer. I’m now on book number eight.

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