Review of THE TURING TEST – Andy Updegrove

Frank Adversego is a private detective with a difference. He’s hopeless with women, runs a knackered old car, is deeply into the cyber world, and is good at his job. When a mysterious attack takes out three electricity generating plants  worldwide, he suspects someone, possibly a super power, has hacked into the plants’ computer systems. His professional interest peaked, he offers his services to the NSA, the national security service, but finding out who is behind the attacks and why is more difficult than he first thought.

I’m not computer savvy, and programming is a closed book to me, but ‘The Turing Test’ opened my eyes to the very real dangers I already suspected existed with letting computers control much of our world. What happens when things go wrong, when someone gets just a bit too clever and programmes something they can’t control?

I loved this story. The characters are flawed and real, the scientific knowledge convincing, the pace never flags, and the plot kept me interested and engaged from beginning to end.

If you enjoy books about the cyber world and artificial intelligence with a strongly relevant twist, I highly recommend this one.

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