The dirty smokes, loads of cheese and New Year resofeckinlutions…

Want to quit smoking?

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I think I might have had one too many chocolates over the Christmas. I might also have had a bit too much turkey and ham. Then there was all that pork, beef, and I did eat a lot of bread for some reason. And who bought all that lovely dip, that quite literally forced me to eat all those crisps and nachos?  Of course there was also the matter of Joanna’s lovely trifle, which to be fair would have gone to waste had ‘someone’ not finished it off. She also made her very special sausage stuffing which needs to be tasted to believed, then tasted again and I must say I’m a believer.

Some people hate sprouts. I love them as long they are cooked in the water from boiling the ham and while I’m not generally a big potato fan – that’s potatoe if your name is Bush (who…

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