FREE Therapy and an enthralling read.

The Other Twin – Lesley Hayes
‘Verity has always felt as if she has a twin soul somewhere out in the world. She is married to Ned, not a marriage made in heaven, and when she meets Jake, she realises that he is the twin soul she’s been looking for all her life. When she discovers that Jake is Ned’s brother, and each blames the other for things that happened in their youth, things begin to get complicated. Can Verity deny her love for Ned and grab at happiness with Jake, or will she forgo future happiness for the sake of loyalty to her troubled husband? I was kept guessing to the last couple of explosive pages.
This the third novel I’ve read by Lesley Hayes, so you can call me a fan of her writing. I love delving into what makes people tick and, as a psychotherapist, Lesley lead me deeper and deeper into the angsts and repressions that make her characters who they are. I always leave her novels feeling that I have discovered a little more about myself and what makes me tick: I leave them a little more at one with myself. You could call it free therapy  Thank you, Lesley, for another enthralling read.’
Five stars, naturally!…/…/B01KFXB3IY

the other twin

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