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I don’t know where to begin in praising this book – there is so much that is good about it. It is a post-apocalypse saga of epic proportions. Worthy of the mistresses of the genre, Margaret Attwood and Ursula LeGuin, the story and the world Rebecca Bryn has created is utterly convincing.
Be prepared to endure with the cast of characters with whom she has peopled that world as they travel over mountains and desert, voyage the sea, witness gruesome rituals and bloody battles on a journey to protect the Gift of prophecy.
Rebecca Bryn is a mistress of the art of revealing emotions: anger, horror, fear, revulsion and, towering above them, love and forgiveness. In her exploration of the Nazi death camps, Touching the Wire, she deployed those skills to great effect. Here she uses the same techniques to bring to life a small primitive community surviving in medieval conditions, contending with a trio of mistaken beliefs and an evil tyrant.
As in Touching the Wire, the character who first appears as the epitome of evil learns, through love to shun violence and is transformed into the hero who saves the community from the tyrant, upon whom he inflicts the most gruesome punishment imaginable. That was a scene that made me wonder if Ms Bryn has a subconscious need to punish men in general. It is undoubtedly the women who come out on top in this thought provoking saga.
At the end Ms Bryn presents us with an account of how the apocalypse came about. It includes a thoroughly researched and well presented account of the science of climate change which goes well beyond the current obsession with the effect of carbon emissions to explain past and possible future fluctuations in climate over millennia.
I am a slow reader and limit my book reading time to around one hour a day. It took me a couple of weeks to get through this book but every minute was a joy.‘ – Frank Parker, author of ‘Strongbow’s Wife’ and ‘A Purgatory of Misery’ – Irish history.

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