Review of The Silence of the Stones

Exceptional 26 April 2018
I got this book as an Amazon freebie a couple of years ago and promptly forgot all about it. Having run out of things to read, I went searching in the depths of my kindle for anything I might have missed, and found it. I’m so glad I did. The story was a little slow to get going, and the main protagonist didn’t draw me in at first, I found her a little too… self-centred. It was the well-drawn secondary characters I began to like. Then as a little backstory was revealed, I found myself enthralled. Every time I thought I’d figured out who had done what to whom and why, the plot took a sharp left turn and abruptly nothing was as I’d assumed. You know those nights when you tell yourself you’re just going to read a couple of chapters before you put out the light to go to sleep? That’s what I did last night. Then I finished the book (with one final plot twist that turned everything I thought I knew about the characters on its head) at 04.45.
New cover STONES RF 400px When Alana is left a cottage in West Wales by an aunt she didn’t know existed, she grabs the chance to leave her old life behind. Little does she know that her life will be turned upside-down by a thirty year conspiracy of silence.

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