Last two days to journey around the world in a convict ship for only £3.97/$4.97!

If you missed the FREE offer, don’t worry.

On Different Shores is only £1.99/$2.99

Beneath Strange Stars is only 99p/99c

On Common Ground is only 99p/99c

OFFER ends 6th June 2018£3.97 lightning tall ship

When Jem is convicted of killing a gamekeeper and transported to Van Diemen’s Land for life, Ella is left behind, pregnant and penniless. Determined her child will know its father, she embarks on a perilous journey to follow her lover. The cost to Ella and those she loves is appallingly high, but a woman in love is unstoppable – Ella is a woman in love.

‘Although at times this book was hard to read, I found I couldn’t put it down. The courage and tenacity shown by the young lead character, Ella, was an emotional rollercoaster. She faced things none of us would ever want to face: the loss of love, forced marriage, inhumane treatment, deprivation of basic human rights, akin to the times. What was brilliant about this book was the story telling and the ability of Rebecca Bryn to captivate the reader. She made me really care about Ella and her true love, Jem. There was nothing two dimensional about either of these characters nor indeed about the scoundrels they came into contact with. I’m hooked and pleased there are two more tales in this series. Well done, Rebecca Bryn.

2 thoughts on “Last two days to journey around the world in a convict ship for only £3.97/$4.97!

    1. Absolutely. If you’re female, you get a prison wagon to the dock. If you’re a man you may have to walk chained to the man in front and behind you, and in manacles. Free drinks include a barrel of Thames water per person to last four months and a tot of wine a day – rum if your cruise takes in Christmas. Gratuities are mould, rot, spongy gums, cholera, dysentery, and scrubbing the decks daily. What more can you ask for at the price? It’s a not to be missed bargain.


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