The Girl He Left Behind – a wonderful read from the pen of Lesley Hayes

I once said I’d enjoy a shopping list written by Lesley Hayes, and this is still true. She has a calm and unhurried style that soothes and relaxes but takes you to places inside yourself you didn’t really want to go. When you get there, however, you realise the truth and honesty of her writing, and it makes a deep connection. ‘Yes, I’ve been there, and she knows exactly what it’s like.’ There’s a healing in that, knowing that someone understands and that you’re not alone. The Girl He Left Behind is about change, choices, the curse of unbreakable love, and the inability to let go and distance ourselves emotionally. It’s heartbreaking to see the damage such ‘old’ love can do to a person and to a new relationship. How it cripples us. I have to say I was rooting for Annie! Well done, Ms Hayes – another wonderful read.

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