WOW! INFINITY by Nico Laeser

Wow! Just wow! What more can I say about this amazing book? I shall try. Infinity begins as a tale about a seven-year-old boy who dies in a road accident but is resuscitated. This begins a life where he sees shadow people and light beings and seems to live half beyond life in a state of mental ‘illness’. An abusive father and a sedated mother drive him from home and he’s taken in by boys a bit older than himself, who introduce him to drugs, but help him stay alive. Throughout the story, I was willing ‘kid’, that’s the only name this kind, generous, loving, mixed-up and misunderstood boy has, to get clean, to benefit from his therapy, make something of his artistic talent, and have the life he deserved. Christine was the vehicle through which he grew as a person and an artist. I don’t pretend to understand quantum physics, or the duality of light, but the searching for meaning ‘kid’ does is fascinating and thought-provoking, as is the symbolism.

The writing is superb, the language evocative and heartbreaking, the situations and experiences resonate deeply, and the characters are real and alive. I’ve loved all Nico Laeser’s novels, but I think this one has just become my favourite. Thank you, Mr Laeser for another stunning read.

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