New! Three for two.

The historical fiction saga ‘For Their Country’s Good’ is now available as a box set. Three books for the price of two.

A tale of murder, exile, sacrifice, hard choices, and unbreakable love.

Click to get the Box set Only £3.99/$5.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited.

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 On Different Shores

‘I’ve read thirty books across a wide range of genre this year, and this story is in the top three.
However good a book might be I generally have a reservation or two, even if they are minor. I had no such reservations by the time I arrived at the end of this superbly told tale. Love, lust, loss, deceit, honour, degradation and severe penalties are only a hint of the contents. When the writer produces emotion as you read, their job has been done, and in this case it was done with interest. The characters in this story are plentiful and colourful, but importantly – believable. I was impressed in particular by the development of Ella, but so many others will remain clear in my memory. I was hoping to be entertained, and I was absorbed in the story within a few paragraphs…’ – Amazon


Beneath Strange Stars

‘The second part of this superb tale continues with hardly pause for a breath after the first one. When a story is impressive and then the second part maintains the quality of the first, I’m happy. Once again I found myself soaking up the atmosphere and the emotional turmoil in which the main characters are involved… Another impressive piece of work.’ – Amazon


On Common Ground

  ‘An excellent saga

 I arrived at the end of this trilogy in the knowledge that the story and many of its characters would live on in my memory for a long time to come. For me this is the sign of a well-told tale.  In this third book we are treated to more wonderful characterisation and imagery, enabled from a foundation of solid research. Once again we find love, deceit, heartache, hardship, honour, and a host of other things which set this saga apart from other stories. Relationships and the development of character are central to the tale and we see people demonstrating the best and worst of humankind…  From the opening scenes of this wonderful story, the circumstances and plight of women as a subordinate gender is explored, examined and explained in detail. Slavery was alive and well in Victorian times without having to look at the capture and exploitation of indigenous races.  This trilogy ranks in my top ten, and I’ve read a few stories. Kudos, Rebecca Bryn.’ – Amazon

Download the Box Set now

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