FREE tales of unbreakable love for you for Valentine’s Day

As a thank you to all our readers and followers, Sarah and I are offering some bargains. Don’t miss out on these five-star and award-winning reads.


FREE 12th – 14th February!

What is a girl to do when she finds a secret diary handed down through the generations from a long-dead queen?  Follow the royal command inside the diary, of course. And oh, what trouble it leads Lizzie to! The Scottish heiress who seeks romance and Michael, the wannabe actor from the backstreets of Leeds, who’s looking for a career – a steamy romance with a dark twist.  Download  it FREE now




99p/99c bargain – limNEW ILLICIT PASSION cover with title and RF finalist badgeited offer 12th – 19th February


Lizzie’s tumultuous relationship with wannabe actor, Michael, continues in Illicit Passion, but their daughter, Lisette, seems determined to wreck their happiness and Michael’s career as well as her own. The twists get darker, the secrets harder to keep, and the passion hotter.

Get it now for only 99p/99c




FREE 12th – 14th February!

You can choose your friends, but Ella has no choice over choosing her family. Exiled for one illicit kiss from her employer’s son, she is sent into the country and married off to Harry, to avoid a scandal she has no idea she could cause.  Falling in love with someone else is a disaster waiting to happen and sparks events that will take her, her lover, Jem, and their illegitimate son, William, to the ends of the earth, forcing her to make desperate decisions.  The poacher exiled for murder and the girl who will follow him at any cost.

Download it FREE now!


99p/99c bargain – limited offer 12th – 19th February

While Jem sails to Van Diemen’s Land aboard the convict ship Tortoise, with an impending mutiny aboard, Ella goes to desperate lengths to raise the fare to escape her loveless marriage and follow him. All her plans fall apart when she discovers she’s pregnant again. Can she and William escape with her summer baby, or will it tie her to England, forever?

Get it now for only 99p/99c



Both series continue, so if you love these, you’ll want to read on. Why not grab them all, now. They’re at these bargain prices until February 19th.

Royal Command series

SARAH STUART 2 Get Dynasty of Deceit for only 99p/99c

Sweet Temptation

Sweet temptation – get it for only 99p/99c






For Their Country’s Good series

OCG front cover 400px RF badge


Grab On Common Ground for only £1.99p/$2.99 to complete the series.




Thank you for reading. If you enjoy these stories, please take a moment to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Bookbub, and tell your friends.


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