Spectral State by Senan Gil Senan

Wow,  just WoW!


This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but I can’t wait for the sequel to come along. The subject is handled with an authority that makes the scenario totally believable and assures your trust in the author. I love sci-fi, but this amazing tale goes beyond normal science fiction into altered realities, dreams, and remote viewing that leaves you questioning your own existence. Are we all figments of someone’s weird dream, or have we been conjured by a machine with artificial intelligence and its own game plan?
Hano is a remote viewer who helps police find missing people, but his extraordinary talent attracts the US security forces, and he is enrolled into a remote viewing spy team. On a ‘vision jump’, he witnesses a young girl being raped and murdered by a prominent senator and vows to bring him to justice. His determination puts him and his team into extreme danger. Few people are quite who they appear to be, or even where they appear to be, if they even exist, and the whole adventure is a twisting roller-coaster ride.
Original, endlessly inventive, well-written, easy to read despite the complexities of the plot, with lovable characters, and fast action, I recommend this book unreservedly.


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