While I was away…

The art of writing before technology!

WordPress have changed while I wasn’t looking. it seems to be the way of things – you just find something you like or get on with really well, and hey presto, someone ‘improves’ it to destruction. Facebook have improved themselves to the point where being an author and trying to share books to groups is increasingly difficult. Reach is so restricted as to be almost meaningless. Twitter are changing their layout – though they did do the decent thing and increase their character limit from 140 to 280, for which I thank them daily.

It’s the same with groceries – ‘new improved’ has meant me being forced to change brand entirely on some occasions. I loved my hair conditioner, for example, it was one of the few that didn’t make my sensitive scalp itch, and I really didn’t want honey and whatever in it, which stank to high heaven, by the way.

And what’s with these ‘blocks’, WordPress? I liked it as it was, when the ‘justify’ option worked. Mind you, I liked the fifties as they were, and perhaps, you’re thinking, I should have stayed there. But some things have changed for the better. I’m not a technology fan – we place far too much reliance on it, in my opinion, and I fear that it will eventually be our undoing, but I do love the ease with which I can access and share information.

I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to write a novel when research meant scouring reference libraries and spending days trawling through pages to discover one tiny fact that influenced one line of your writing. And getting it down on paper meant trying to type without typos or wear out hundreds of ink erasers and screw up reams of precious typing paper.

It has never been easier to write a novel, or harder to be published traditionally. There are thousands of writers turning out millions of books. Some brilliant, and some not so, but all a reflection of one person’s life experiences and the product of dedication and perseverance. Competition is fierce, and publishers can afford to be choosy.

But this isn’t what I was intending to write, and technology means I can delete it at the touch of a button and begin again – but I shan’t – I’m a writer, after all.

While I was away, I was sending Kindred and Affinity out to beta readers, cogitating on their valuable opinions, and rewriting large chunks of said novel. Thank you, technology for delete, copy, and paste… The story will be the better for it, the characters stronger, and the plot more relevant and moving. (I hope) It’s also made me search deeper into my family history to discover facts and people I didn’t know existed, so I can put flesh on the bones of that part of the story that was found deficient and intrusive. Now, I hope, the two intertwining tales will sit more easily and grow naturally together.

The other project I’ve started is the creating of an audio version of Touching the Wire. I’ve never done an audio book before, so this will be a whole new learning curve. I hope to share the experience as it progresses in the hope other authors considering doing it may find it useful. Hopefully, it will be completed and available this summer along with Kindred and Affinity, my eighth book.While you’re waiting, take a look at my free short stories! There’s a new one…



And adding links to internal pages isn’t as easy as it was, Wordress! And what have you done with my tags and categories?

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