New release! Kindred and Affinity is out today.

Launching a new book title is always an exciting time, fraught with possibilities of doom and failure. Kindred and Affinity is my eighth title, and I’m altogether too relaxed about it. The fact is that readers who like my books will probably try it, and those who don’t know my writing probably won’t. It’s a little more romance based than most of my books, but like the others, it has a bittersweet twist and is firmly based in the history of the time, which in this instance spans 1873 to around 1915.

The title is live today, so there is now a ‘look inside’ at, so you can see if it’s something you might like to read, and if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, it’s free.

It’s a tale inspired by snippets of family history that stuck in my mind from my childhood. It’s entirely fictional, but is based in the facts I discovered from researching this thread of family tapestry. The law of ‘Kindred and Affinity’ as laid out in The Book of Common Prayer, forbade the love Annie, my great-great aunt, and Edwin, my great-grandfather felt towards one another, yet they disobeyed that law, and in so doing, put their souls in danger of eternal damnation – according to the religious beliefs of the day.

‘Few writers take the trouble to explore the struggles of working men and women. Fewer still can convey both the pain and the joy that accompanies true love and the acts of forgiveness that lasting love entails. Such acts are the beating heart of all Bryn’s work’

That the law was changed in 1907, to protect maiden aunts bringing up their sisters’ children, makes no difference to the transgression, although it made any children legitimate. I wondered how great a love must be to go against the law, the church, and almost certainly, their families, who, in Edwin and Annie’s case, were devout Methodists and Baptists.

I’d love you to take a ‘look inside’ my tale and maybe read on. If you love it as much as I loved writing it, maybe you’ll take a minute to leave me a review at Thank you. Enjoy!

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