Works in progress – painting seascapes and the ‘white slaves’ of Victorian England .

After a month or two not sure what I was going to write after publishing my historical novel, Kindred and Affinity, or even if I was going to write another book, I find myself with two works in progress.

The first is an instructional book about painting watercolour seascapes – having been painting the sea for thirty years and having pretty much perfected my own technique, I now feel able to pass on my experience – using masking fluid is something I know many artists struggle with, and the sea has its own particular challenges. It’s going to take a while to compile as I’m planning about ten demonstrations, and each will need photographs and detailed instructions. I’ve ordered a voice recorder to capture my thought process, which should be fun. This is a possible cover for the book which I intend to publish in paperback under the name of my alter-ego.

More about this book can be seen on my sister site

My second project came to me when watching Flog it’ on TV. There was an article about chain making in the Black Country. I love writing historical fiction, especially if it highlights social or gender inequalities, and the women chain makers of late Victorian/early 20th century industrial England certainly suffered from both. I find great satisfaction in exposing historical injustices and I’ll love writing about the underdog and their fight for fair pay and equality. I’ve a lot of research to do but already have a rough plot plan – not that my main characters, Rosie and Jack, will let anything run to plan. Like life itself, my novels veer off in any direction my characters fancy, requiring me to do some literary gymnastics to get them back on track. Oh, that it were so easy with life!

This is a possible cover I’ve made. This is Rosie, she looks kind but determined, and I have a feeling she’s in for a hard time…

I’m really excited about both these projects, but I’ve never worked on two together before, so that will be a challenge. I shall probably end up painting chains… or hammering a seascape…

6 thoughts on “Works in progress – painting seascapes and the ‘white slaves’ of Victorian England .

    1. I’m really looking forward to writing this one. It has the possibilities of all the aspects I love in a novel, and I shall learn a lot about this forgotten piece of our history along the way. .


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