Now this was a surprise!

Readers’ Favorite Gold medal

I never win anything, well hardly ever, and it says something for my determined and optimistic nature that I keep entering things – like book award contests. So it was a huge surprise when a friend e-mailed me this morning to say Touching the Wire had won a GOLD medal in the Readers’ Favorite 2019 Book Awards.

It’s a hard book to read, the content graphic and harrowing, since it’s a story about the Holocaust, and readers either love it or hate it, so I wasn’t expecting an award. It’s particularly welcome as Readers’ Favorite isn’t a contest based on votes by friends and friends of friends, but is judged by a respected panel of judges and awarded points. Touching the Wire accrued enough points to be awarded gold – a high honour indeed.

There’s an award ceremony in Miami, to which I am invited, but living in the UK, feeling passionate about the ecological harm of flying, and being an introvert, I shall stay firmly on home soil.

I have ordered my gold medal and shall bask in the temporary glory of being able to call myself an ‘award-winning author’. Wow… never thought it would happen to me, and I dare say it wouldn’t have done but for the undying support and encouragement of my friends and family. Thank you, all. A contemporary mystery wrapped up in an unspeakable truth. One woman’s search for the truth her grandfather couldn’t tell.

8 thoughts on “Now this was a surprise!

  1. I wasn’t in the least surprised. I loved that story from the first draft, and read many more over the years.
    The change came when you did some serious research on the holocaust, I wasn’t privy to all of it, and for that I’m eternally grateful. What you did include was harrowing.


  2. Congratulations on your win! I bought it and am loving it. (I just had to see who beat me out. I won the Silver Medal for When We Were Brave.)


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