Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll? The Truth, the NAKED Truth.

The man is Michael Marsh, the Diamond Superstar, catapulted from obscurity to fame in musical theatre at a young age. He’s determined to buck the trend and be faithful to his wife, Elspeth, stay clear of drugs, and wow his audiences with his sexy rock songs. He also wants to be a father to his children, but he’s ambitious, his celebrity lifestyle has other ideas, and the best-laid plans of mice and rock stars ‘aft gang ‘ and all that.

The woman is Elspeth, daughter of the Laird of Kinloch, a women in search of her one love for her lifetime. She finds the man of her dreams, but loneliness drives her to seek comfort in the arms of another – more plans ‘aft ganging agley’. Why is life never straightforward and simple?

Result? More illicit sex than you can shake a stick at, children who don’t know who their parents are, and secrets that have to be kept for fear of a very long prison sentence.

Add to this mix child kidnap, sex trafficking, a nosy journalist, The Spy, intent on building a career from Michael’s downfall, and an actor intent on furthering his career using blackmail and violence on Michael’s daughter Lisette, and you have several sticks of dynamite awaiting a stray spark.

Who is holding the match – and it’s not if they strike it but when…

Sarah Stuart has combined the four books in this series into one family saga and added a novella that ties up many loose ends very satisfactorily. I can highly recommend this story, having been there at its conception, (yes, I was that fly on the wall) held its mother’s hand during long years of labour and quite a few Braxton-Hicks false alarms, and welcomed its first breath as it came kicking and screaming into the literary world. At its introductory (ridiculously low) price of 99c/99p, pre-ordering it right now is a no-brainer.

Right, forget I’ve read and loved this saga. Now for a Spy-like interrogation, and, Sarah, the readers want –

The Truth, the NAKED truth

and not facts already included on Amazon!

Sarah, tell the reader why exactly, does Michael fear The Spy so much?

The Spy works for a tabloid that survives on sensational gossip. What he can’t prove, he “suggests” with questions to avoid litigation.

And mud sticks, true or not. But if Michael refutes the stories publicly?

He’d need to be able to prove The Spy’s guesses were incorrect, and he can’t.

Because they’re true?

That would be giving the reader a spoiler

So what mud is The Spy stirring?

The maybe-father-who-isn’t of Lisette’s child suspects it’s Michael’s.

Let me unravel that sentence and translate for the reader. You mean Michael and Lisette committed incest?

The Spy “suggests” Lisette did have a child that she hid with Elspeth, her mother. He can’t prove she gave birth at all.

It would be career suicide for an actress to risk pregnancy when she was acting in her first starring role.

That’s what her grandmother said, until Elspeth asked her to help hide the birth.

So there is something to hide. She had a relationship with Kevin Tyrone, so the child could be his – but he was an awful man, so I can see she’d want to hide it from him – couldn’t she have had an abortion rather than risk her career and him finding out? So whose is the child, Kevin’s or Michael’s?

She’s a Catholic, and if she wasn’t, she’d promised to obey Queen Margaret’s Royal Command to “find love where ye may” and pass on the queen’s book to a daughter conceived in love. Lisette does love Michael.

Of course, she does. He’s her father, and she adores him. Shall we change the subject? Clement Fynn. the musical’s producer, banished Tyrone – stopped him ever working in the UK again, and Lisette went to America.

So did Tyrone. That’s how all the drama in Paris started!

What drama?

Never mind. I’m letting far too many cats out of bags. Ask a nice question.

Is it true somebody was murdered?

That’s a nice question? Three people, actually, but Michael was only accused of being responsible for one of them.

Only?? One is more than most people! Sarah, you’re divulging the NAKED truth, so do we actually get to see anything?

Certainly. I write “open door” sex, not that they do leave the door open; you have to be a fly on the wall again. I wouldn’t fancy that in winter, but Joanie didn’t seem to mind. Perhaps being spanked kept her warm.

Argh. You know I hate spanking! Too much! Please tell me there’s nothing worse.

Was it George Washington who couldn’t tell a lie? Look, pre-order the book, and on November 21st, you can find out the NAKED truth, though it might take a while to get to the end; Amazon have estimated the page count at 1363 pages.

Thank you, Sarah. Wine, chocolate, boxes of tissues, all appointments cancelled, meals pre-cooked and in the freezer – all set for 1363 steamy pages – note to self: add cloth to wipe my spectacles!

Pre-order it now at

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The truth – the NAKED truth.

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