LAST DAY – Now until MIDNIGHT! 99p/99c OFFER

Eight books… yes, eight. Not 99p each, or even 99c each, but 99p/99c each for TWO box sets. is an epic trilogy set in 1840s England and Australia and follows the misfortunes of Jem, a young poacher convicted of killing one of Lord Northampton’s gamekeepers and exiled for life to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania). The fact that he left behind his common-law wife, Ella, and their baby son, William, broke his heart, but Ella is a woman in love, and women in love are unstoppable.

The sacrifices Ella made to escape a loveless marriage will break your heart, as it broke the hearts of some of those she loved. Her decisions weren’t the best, but always her love for Jem and her children shines through.

The books are available separately and have great reviews, but for the reader who likes a binge read, the box set is perfect. Usually priced at £3.99/$5.99, it’s quite a bargain but time is limited, so download it now for a mere 99p/99c It is inspired by real events.

The second boxset is a romantic saga comprising four full-length novels and a novella. Elspeth and Michael are the young lovers for whom the future seems star-studded. Fame and fortune for Michael, the young singer/actor come easily enough, with Elspeth’s help and indomitable spirit, but dealing with the pressures of fame and family life, don’t.

Illicit affairs and children born out of wedlock – some of whom don’t even know their parentage, cause tangles of emotion and mistrust. Add to this the threat of blackmail, and kidnap, mental abuse and murder… well, you’ll have to read the saga. 99p/99c for a limited time.

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