Scams and generosity – the eternal struggle for good over evil.

Yesterday, I had three attempted scams on my finances. The first was someone purporting to be Amazon – an e-mail saying I’d ordered a 76″ TV at a cost of in the region of $1700. If I didn’t order it, go to a website and – you know the score, give them your bank details for a refund and get your account wiped out. Yeah, like I’m falling for that one.

As always, I checked my Amazon account to make sure I had no spurious orders, which of course I hadn’t. It’s the second time I’ve had an Amazon order scam. For a moment, you get that initial panic, and that’s what the scammers rely on – their victims pressing the button before they stop to think.

After that, my husband got a text message saying there was a missed parcel and a charge of £2.77. A small thing, you’d think, but if enough people fll for it, it makes the scammers a lot of money. Again, it took time and a certain amount of anxiety, as my husband is waiting for a package, before it was confirmed as a scam.

Then there was a phone call from ‘Visa’. A suspicious debit of £700… Again, one has to check ones account to be sure, but never by the route the scammers want.

By now, my faith in human nature is at an all time low. Suppose I was less scam aware? I would by now be in a state of high panic instead of high anger. I have enough to worry about without scammer scum; I am already in a state of anxiety with a recently widowed son and a best friend fighting for her life in hospital. I don’t need scammers. Do they ever give a thought to their victims? Honestly, I’d line them up against a wall and shoot them.

My faith in human nature was restored later in the day. As I said, my son recently lost his wife – to Covid. She leaves four daughters and my son suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, worsened by him having Covid as well. He hasn’t been able to work for almost three years and his wife was the breadwinner of the family. He’s coping remarkably well but with his father and me being miles away and unable to travel to help him due to lockdown, he’s having a tough time.

I spoke to him in the afternoon and he told me something lovely had happened. His wife’s workmates had had a collection for her. They’d raised almost £6,000 . That they thoght a lot of her is obvious, but such generosity is above and beyond anything he might have imagined. It has taken a huge weight from his shoulders and given him a cushion.

So to everyone who gave their hard earned cash to help a widower and four children, thank you. You have restored my faith in human nature with your selfless generosity.

Scammers, take note. This is what ‘humanity’ means – love, generosity of spirit, caring, a social conscience. Don’t prey on the vulnerable – don’t be a waste of breathable air and a drain on society. Covid means losing love ones and real sacrifice, not making a quick buck from other people’s misfortune or destroying already teetering lives.

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