Film Review: Peterloo (2018)

I was very interested to read this film review,, having written a fictional series set in the Black Country in the 1900s that describes just such conditions for the poor workers on whose backs was born the industrial revolution. If my memory serves me correctly, the Manchester Free Trades Hall is built on the site of the Peterloo Massacre and was a place targeted by the suffragettes, bombed I think, just before the outbreak of WW1. I find it hard now to admire the grand mansions of the wealthy mill and factory owners, knowing the suffering on which they were built.

If you’re interested in following another working-class family through their lives in the 1900s, my series tells of the struggle to win a legal minimum wage for women chainmakers – they fought for and won tuppence ha-penny an hour – and the battle for universal suffrage (all men and women over the age of twenty-one) and a long, hard battle it was. Prepare to be shocked in more ways than one – the lack of women’s rights and the means taken to assure them. The White Slaves of England was not a label given to these women lightly but was one they were determined to shake off.

I shall look out for Peterloo should the film be shown again, so thank you for posting about it.

4 thoughts on “Film Review: Peterloo (2018)

  1. It was shown on Channel 4, so should be avaiable for free on the catch-up service ‘All 4’. It is also available on Amazon Prime, if you subscribe to that service. Many thanks for linking back to my review, and good luck with your books.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Thank you, Frank. I do touch on the flu epidemic in The Chainmaker’s Wife, as you know. I shall be interested to read that. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m about to begin chapter four of The Chain Mistress. Missiles will be incoming shortly 🙂 – no idea where this one is going yet. By the way, WordPress has changed suddenly and I can’t find a thing. How do I now move my post to a menu? The ‘dashboard’ thing seems to have disappeared…


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