It’s Mothers’ Day in USA.

Treat yourself, ladies. You deserve it. Fancy a binge read? Love a love story? Here are some for you at bargain prices.

Bargain books for Moms, Mams, and Mums everywhere.

Take a look at the series page to immerse yourself in Jem and Ella’s epic tale which is set in England and Australia in the 1840s. When Jem is transported, Ella determines to do whatever it takes to follow him to Van Diemen’s Land. Theirs is a love that stays strong even though they are separated by vast oceans, twists of fate, and the English penal system for a decade. Book One is FREE, and Books Two and Three are discounted for a limited time, so don’t delay.

If you prefer contemporary romance, take a peek at this epic family saga. The series page for Michael and Elspeth’s bittersweet love story. The rise of a backstreet boy to stardom, the love of his life who helps him get there, and the shocking temptations that lead to blackmail, murder, and a paparazzi storm to bring him down. Book One is FREE,and Books Two, Three, Four, and Five are discounted for a limited time.

Deals like these don’t come along very often, so don’t miss out.


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