Lucinda, you could be talking about me. My last release, I just published and kept quiet! However, having read A Year in the Life of Belinda Brand, I can honestly say it’s brilliant. Go shine, Ma’am!

lucinda E Clarke

I should be writing this from the nearest lunatic asylum. (Goodness can I call it that? You never know what’s acceptable these days, but you get the drift?)

I have a problem.

I love writing, I hate marketing. I was married to a salesman in a former life and I know all the buzz words. Listen, discover a problem, solve it and then close the deal. He could sell fridges to Inuits or Eskimos and send them away happy.

Me? Not so much. As I work on a project – and I was the same with my film making – my enthusiasm has no bounds. I’ll bore anyone silly talking about it, sit and tweak for hours and make it as perfect as possible. The moment I finish it and send to client or publish I hate it. Yes, really.

When I was compiling the box set of the first…

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