Harbinger of doom!

I’m beginning to think that’s me. Years ago, before global warming was much talked about – a thing that might happen one day in the far and distant future, I imagined a world after the event and wrote The Child of Prophecy.

I wrote The Chainmaker’s Daughter about the white slaves of England, the women who worked in the industrial heartland of the Black Country in 1910, just before the death of George Floyd in America, the event that brought about the Black Lives Matter movement and highlighted those who’d made their fortunes on the back of slavery – white as well as black.

The Chainmakers’ Daughter was followed by The Chainmaker’s Wife, at the end of which book came the 1919 flu pandemic, which took some 280,000 lives in the UK and several million worldwide – as I was writing about this, the Coronavirus pandemic was beginning to spread across the globe.

The third in the trilogy, The Chain Mistress, follows the rise of Hitler, Britain’s appeasement policy, the de-stabilising of Europe due to the partitioning of Czechoslovakia, and the desperate efforts to get Jews out of Nazi-controlled Europe in 1938. Now, we are seeing the desperate rush to evacuate Afghans from Taliban-held Afghanistan, the de-stabilisation of Southern Asia, and the threat of a dictatorship and terror campaign to equal that of Hitler.

I know what I am definitely NOT going to write about next!

No, I shall write about world peace, religious tolerance, sustainable food and water for all, a brilliant world health organisation, a global population control policy, a carbon neutral near-future, social responsibility taught in schools, a real sense of community, something put in place for the event of a solar flare destroying our…. no I daren’t even mention that.

This is my beloved dog, Kes, who is fourteen, deaf, has bad teeth, has never done anyone any harm, and never will. So I’ll write about her.


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