Binge READ – free & not fattening!

Sharing this great deal with my readers. I loved this series.

Grab Book 1 for FREE & 4 more for only 99c each. Find out how a Tudor queen pushed her 21st century heiress into danger, and how the man she loved never forgot her… or his betrayal!

It all began when a wealthy Elspeth fell in love with a backstreet boy, but obeyed the queen’s command to pass on a diary to her daughter, Lisette, who dreamed of forbidden love… but did it remain a dream?

Lisette had a “lovechild” in secret, but one evil man guessed, and she paid a high price for his silence, until she escaped and the family rallied to her side… but did they end in jail?

On the ski-slopes below the peak of the Matterhorn, Elspeth was stabbed to death, but by whom? Lisette’s husband, Brian, chased a man across America to discover the truth. Was he believed and the killer convicted?


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