Nice to meet you, Penny Luker. Thank you, Lucinda.

lucinda E Clarke

I’m thrilled to welcome my guest this week as this will be one of the most colourful blog posts ever. Penny writes children’s books and the covers are so bright and attractive they jump out at you. And, yes, despite I’m a wrinkly, I’ve read several of them and loved them. Time to meet Penny.

Penny headshot

I think I’ve been a writer all of my life. When I left my job I flicked through years of diaries and found numerous (rather bad) poems on spare pages. Since leaving my paid work, I’ve taken numerous poetry and writing courses and I’ve discovered that writing is a skill where you keep on improving. Nature’s Gold and Autumn Gold are mixed anthologies with a variety of themes but my latest book, The Shadows of Love is an anthology based on the theme of love. It’s not sugar sweet love poems though!

Penny has written…

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I am Soul Virtual Blog Tour – Day Nine

Not a poet?

Frank Parker's author site

My sincerest apologies to Yecheilyah – this was supposed to appear last Monday, 1st October. With everything else that was going on in the preceding week, I completely forgot. I hope that, as the last in line on the tour, being late might offer an opportunity to extend the duration of maximum exposure for her new book.

Bio. EC

Yecheilyah (e-SEE-li-yah, affectionately nicknamed EC) is an Author, Blogger, and Poet and lives in Marietta, GA with her wonderful husband. She has been writing poetry since she was twelve years old and joined the UMOJA Poetry Society in High School where she learned to perfect her craft. In 2010, at 23 years-old, Yecheilyah published her first collection of poetry and in 2014, founded Literary Korner Publishing and The PBS blog where she enjoys helping other authors through her blog interviews and book reviews. The PBS Blog has been named among Reedsy’s Best…

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I’m giving all these away FREE today. Read the reviews and grab them now.

4 book FREE one day only Here are the links – the women of Auschwitz – torn apart by the Great War – post-apocalyptic adventure – exiled for murder.


Fascinating life, Tom. Thank you, Lucinda.

lucinda E Clarke

A warm welcome to this week’s guest Tom Johnson. Reading a little about his life it has been anything but boring!

Tom Johnson was born July 26 1940 in Seymour, Texas. His dad was a cowboy and cook, giving his family an itinerant lifestyle. Tom changed schools often, as his dad’s jobs were relocated. His dad wanted him to follow in his footsteps, but a cowboy’s life didn’t appeal to him. Instead, during his high school years, Tom dreamed about becoming an entomologist. He loved biology and math, but was weak in other subjects. He read every book he could find on insects, reptiles, and arachnids, as well as paleontology.  His dream was simple – buy an old car and small mobile home that he could pull behind the car and set up in the desert where he could study the animal life. Having something of a raw artistic talent…

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Letting Lucinda Loose

Love Amie’s adventures.

Jane Bwye

I always enjoy reading Lucinda Clarke, whatever she writes. She fills me with joy and I never know what she’s going to say next..

91l7ti29K8L._UX250_[1]First, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jane for her courage in letting me loose on her blog.  She has suggested I chat about settings for my books, an easy question to answer.

To date I’ve written 3 memoirs, a 4 book Amie series and a comedy – oh and the freebie I offer to anyone

WRS sign up 3 APRIL

 All of them (but one) are set in – guess where? Yes, Africa.  

My only excuse for this is I lived there a long, long time almost 40 years and I didn’t want to leave. It gets into your heart, your mind and in some unexplained way it heightens your senses. 

We began in Kenya – well that was me – the Ex was…

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Little Things Mean Such A Lot #WATWB

What a great idea.

Frank Parker's author site

watwic-bright-tuqblkThis story comes from my local newspaper. I like it because it illustrates how small acts of kindness add up to a great deal.

The link is to the relevant page of the newspaper and you will need Adobe to read it. The journalist responsible for the story is Lynda Kiernan.

She tells us about a grand mother who is an enthusiastic knitter. As well as fulfilling orders for knitwear for friends and relations she knits baby clothes which she delivers to the local maternity hospital. But her charity does not end there: she also fills shoe boxes with gifts to be distributed to children around the world. At the time of the article she already had 225 ready and wrapped for Christmas this year.

Have you got a good news story to share with the world? Here’s how to join in:

1. Keep your post to Below 500…

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Smorgasbord Reblog – Six great authors = Six great books by Allan Hudson

Love WWII books? This one sounds great.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I was delighted to be included with five other authors in this post by Allan Hudson about books that he has enjoyed and recommends. What’s in a Name? is in very good company and I will be adding the other books to my shopping list next time I am in Amazon.

Six great authors = Six great books by Allan Hudson

I love reading stories. I’ve been reading them since my mother brought home Dick & Jane.

Okay, so many of you are too young to remember D&J, but those school books started me on a journey that will only end when these eyes close for the last time.

So many years later (65 today to be exact ), I’m still collecting books, piling them up on any available space. I can’t help it! Many I read over and over.

There are so many great stories, talented authors but these…

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Nice to discover a little more about you, Chris. And thank you, Lucinda.

lucinda E Clarke

This week my guest is Chris-Jean Clarke who lives in England, but has strong literary connections in the United States.


Chris-Jean Clarke grew up in the West-Midlands (UK), but now resides in South Staffordshire (UK) with her husband, Geoff and children, Nathan and Kyrsten.

Prior to giving birth to her two beautiful children Chris-Jean worked for twenty years with people with learning and physical disabilities.

She studied the art of writing children’s stories @The Writing School, Oxford Open Learning.

Chris-Jean also donates stories & poems twice yearly to the Peacock Writers to benefit various charities. (NB She does not publish her

contributions in any other form.)  9781497384699_p0_v2_s260x420The Peacock Writers are a group of independent writers from around the globe & each of our anthologies are written around a given theme.

I have contributed to nine books, so far, but the book I would strongly recommend is: Springtime Bullies: Special Illustrated…

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