Seventy Years On

There are flags flying in the village ready for Jublilee celebrations on the green at the weekend, and they remind me of the passing years and that I can remember back beyond our queen’s coronation when I was a child in Kettering. I suppose my first memory of royalty was telling my young friend that … More Seventy Years On

Stark Naked in Tesco

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Rebecca Bryn Image courtesy  of petelovespurple via Visual Hunt. Back in the good old days, I suppose I’d have been about three and sitting in a little metal chair on the back of Mum’s sit-up-and-beg Raleigh, shopping was quite a different experience. We went to the corner shop, the greengrocer, or the … More Stark Naked in Tesco

The shadow at my side.

I’ve had a shadow at my side for most of the last sixty-odd years. It’s taken different shapes and sizes, but it has been a comfort, a non-judgemental inspiration, and an ever-cheerful devoted friend. My present shadow has been my constant companion for the last fourteen years. She’s a small chocolate and tan collie-cross rescued … More The shadow at my side.

Pre-release sneak peek of ‘Revenge: England and Scotland, rivalry and retribution’.

Chapter One ‘Of all the pirates I’ve heard and seen The basest and the bloodiest is Captain Green’ *** My Country men who do intend on Pirrating to go, Be sure what e’re ye may pretend The certain end is wo, I know’t to sad Experience .The better may I tell, I thought my self … More Pre-release sneak peek of ‘Revenge: England and Scotland, rivalry and retribution’.

The most ignominious act of treachery in Scottish history.

It’s 1705 and Scotland is on its knees. For years, the country’s Company of Scotland has been denied access to the profitable trade routes to the East Indies by the rival English East India Company. Piracy is rife across the ocean trade routes, the slave trade is at its height, England is keen to avoid … More The most ignominious act of treachery in Scottish history.

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and as a writer of historical fiction – stories that feature strong women – I can’t let it pass unmentioned. You might ask why women should have a month dedicated to their history; after all, everyone’s history is important if we’re to understand our present, but I shall attempt to … More Women’s History Month

Sarah’s “Work In Progress”

DCI Gerald Croft is once again in the Chief Superintendent’s firing line; the Garton Gazette is printing embarrassing articles! An armed raid on a jewellers’ shop ends with the death of the owner. Three people, or possibly four, have unexpectedly died of heart attacks, and a poisoner is at work. Children are kidnapped from the…