Book Trailers

On Different Shores A young poacher exiled for life to Van Diemen’s Land and the girl determined not to be left behind at any cost. Is the price too high for those she loves? (Book 1)

Touching the Wire The women and children of Auschwitz and a man who tried to save them. A fictional tale inspired by a terrible truth. Promises made and promises kept.

The Silence of the Stones Released from a mental hospital after thirty years wrongly incarcerated. Missing children, perjury, and revenge. Damaged lives: damaged minds.

Where Hope Dares Kidnapped to fulfil an ancient prophecy, but nothing is as it seems and prophecy is dangerous. His friends’ lives or mankind’s immortal souls?

The Dandelion Clock A young couple torn apart by The Great War – can their love survive five years separation and can Bill keep his promises? Coming 2018.