International Women’s Day 2019 – Why celebrate? #PaintItPurple

My husband can’t see the need. He rightly makes the point that there are differences between men and women that will always define certain roles – men are stronger and more gung ho, and women are more cautious and have more patience (sometimes) – but he also believes that ‘the best person for the job’ … More International Women’s Day 2019 – Why celebrate? #PaintItPurple


It’s odd how books make a lasting impression on you. Even their titles do when you haven’t actually read the book. They conjure places you’ve never been, events you haven’t experienced, and characters you’ve never met – though you’ve probably met people like them. I can remember my mother’s bookshelves when I was a child. … More #WorldBookDay

Kindred and Affinity

A work in progress – a tale of forbidden love. A devout young widower must defy his church and the state to marry the woman he loves and prevent his two children growing up motherless. In 1891, marrying your dead wife’s sister was forbidden according to the laws of Kindred and Affinity as laid down … More Kindred and Affinity