Henry VII, King of England

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King Henry VII of England

Henry Tudor was the least likely candidate to become King of England. A descendant of King Edward III, he was born to a teenage Lancastrian mother during the precarious time in English history that came to be known as the Wars of the Roses. He ended up spending fourteen years in exile in Brittany and France. Chaos ensued when the Yorkist King Richard III usurped the throne creating an opportunity for Henry to found a new dynasty of kings.

Born on January 28, 1457, Henry was the son of Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond who was a half-brother of King Henry VI. Henry’s mother was Margaret Beaufort, a descendant of King Edward III through his son John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and his liaison with Katherine Swynford. At the time of Henry’s birth, there were precious few descendants of the Lancastrian line and…

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