What Oprah said the first time we met, the big Irish head on me and why I owe her five dollars…

Fabulous tale.

Maxpower's Blog

Whatever you think of her, Oprah Winfrey is some woman for one woman. It is hard not to be impressed by her rise to fame and her ability to influence people. For most people, meeting Oprah for the first time must be somewhat overwhelming. In my case I frightened her at first and then she scared the hell out of me.

I’ve literally never been star-struck. It is partly an Irish begrudgery thing where you don’t want someone to think you’re impressed because they have something you don’t i.e. fame. The other part is a solid grounding as a child that led me to believe no one is any better than I am, so I can always feel confident and hold my own in any circumstances. That’s just the way I fly… You like that BS?

Before I explain how our meeting went, I have to put something on the…

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