Spectral State

Sounds fabulous. I’ve pre-ordered this one.

Spectral State – Click the cover to preorder.

Hano is a gameaholic. He works when he must, to live, and plays… and plays. Tempted by money, he takes part in an online “game” that involves mind jumps. He proves incredibly good at it, so Aj’dina is sent to recruit him. A natural loner, attractive Aj’dina reminds him of his long-unsatisfied sexual need, and he takes the job. A rebel, not ex-military like the rest, he comes close to dismissal, refusing promotion and lying to continue to work with Aj’dina. His feelings for her become a love he finds impossible to express verbally, but a deeper cause of unhappiness is his outraged sense of justice that targets a corrupt US senator who is, apparently, above the law.

Based on the psychology of such as Spock and Huxley, Spectral State takes “one giant step for mankind” from the Enigma codebreakers of the…

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