Darkly Wood II – Max Power

Where to begin? This tale is part fantasy, part horror, part paranormal, and part sci-fi with a sound basis in believable characterisation and real emotion. Daisy May Coppertop, to whom we are introduced in book one, is still struggling to understand what happened to her and Benjamin in Darkly Wood all those years ago, was it real or a coma nightmare, and her return to the wood has a grim inevitability about it. What is the truth and what dark power links her to that evil place?
I love Max Power’s writing. I read Tales of Darkly Wood and enjoyed it, but book two takes the story to a whole new level. What sort of mind can conjure such characters and such stories and weave them together into a complex whole? Certainly, an inventive, imaginative, and curious one. Power leads you, all eager, to the brink of discovery and then rips you away to follow another fascinating thread; he is a master of keeping one guessing and enthralled. Darkly Wood II is a long book by my standards but never once did my interest and curiosity flag. Brilliantly done, Mr Power, and clever of you to leave me frustratedly guessing still. I want to read Darkly Wood III – now!

3 thoughts on “Darkly Wood II – Max Power

  1. He’s still writing the damn thing, Rebecca. I agree with you 100% about Darkly Wood one and two. I made the mistake of saying I loved Darkly Wood, so what did he do? Sent me a free copy of Darkly Wood 2, so now I’m waiting to find out if there’s a grave stone carved with “Sarah Stuart RIP”. I wouldn’t put it past him!

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