People with beards are simply people without beards, with beards…

Wise words form a friend.

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28 Days later day 18…

It begins with a joke. It’s still far away. Then as it gets closer, the joke becomes concern and then it lands in your lap and it is no longer even remotely funny. At first you listen to the news. You look at social media and begin to realise just how much sh*te there is in that world. Then, the numbers start to creep up and you pay attention.

Last night our Taoiseach, that’s prime minister for anyone not Irish, gave an address to the nation. Now he’s not like the President in America who loves listening to his own auld guff. Over in this part of the world he’d get dog’s abuse for that sort of nonsense. An address to the nation in Ireland is a rare thing. The consensus, even among those who recently, effectively voted him out of office, (we have a…

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