Honouring the Fallen

It seems to me that the best way of honouring the fallen of two world wars is not to forget their sacrifice and have some understanding of what they went through. ‘Lest we Forget’ is written large on many memorials for a very good reason, but what do most of us actually know about the conditions in which soldiers lived and died, or the inhumanity with which the inmates of Hitler’s death camps were treated?

This isn’t something we should close our eyes to, however painful the truth is, and between the hope, courage, resilience, and acts of self-sacrifice, it is painful.

I’ve penned two novels about war and its effects on ordinary people, inspired by ordinary people, and writing and researching them opened my eyes. How did these men and women endure with such courage? I am still astounded.

To honour the memory of those who are no longer with us: men, women, and children – not forgetting the millions of mules and horses, and even war dogs – these books are offered to you at a special discount over Remembrance weekend. Here are the buy links:

http://mybook.to/TouchingtheWire the women of Auschwitz

http://mybook.to/DandelionClock lovers torn apart by the Great War

Thank you for reading.

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