A new review – just in time for the Memorial Centenary.


I loved this read from start to finish, at first The Dandelion Clock appeared to be your usual war with romance this was different to say the least.
The writers style and interspersing of lives at the home front with those going away to war was a winning combination for me, including the letters that are a regular part of the whole. There are happy and joyous moments in this read and when they do crop up you will find an inner warmth start to incubate.
The futility of battle and the loss that went with it is heartfelt and written with compassion as the story expands along with the core characters and there interactions with others both human and animal. You can envisage the hardships these characters are facing on internal levels as well as external along with the truth that some questions have no answers, closure is not always possible and yes life throws up some very unfair challenges/demands that can and will push people to the edge.
Take a look from an unblinkered and open minded perspective and hopefully this will captivate you too!’
A story inspired by real events in the Great War.

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